Do baby teeth matter?

Yes, sick baby teeth (also called deciduous or primary teeth) can cause many issues for our little ones. Broken teeth can cut the tongue or cheeks, and they can get food stuck in them which can be uncomfortable. They can also cause pain - when eating, drinking, or constantly. Sometimes sick baby teeth wake our littles ones up during the night because they are so sore.
If sick baby teeth are left untreated, they can become infected, which can make our children really sick. The infection can  can impact the health of the adult teeth underneath, and can even enter the bloodstream, which can lead to hospitalisation
Sick baby teeth can also lead to early loss of those teeth, which can cause trouble with eating and speech. It can also make the adult teeth may not erupt into the correct spot in the mouth, which can lead to issues in future for your child including eating, talking, gum and joint problems. 
Unfortunately, baby teeth are designed for a short term life - they break down more easily and rapidly than adult teeth. So what seems like a small issue today, may become worse a lot quicker than you would expect.
Being a parent is already hard enough, so if you are unsure about your little ones teeth, please see an oral health professional for advice.